Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Losing an hour...or more

This whole time change thing is really throwing me for a loop.
I love that the sun is out until almost seven pm, but the waking up is what's got me in all sorts of craziness.

Sunday the day went by faster than my car drives.
Monday it was a little difficult to get up.
Tuesday, oh Tuesday. You really screwed me over!!!

My alarm time is 5:20, and I get up within a few minutes of turning it off. Well apparently my body still thought it was 4:20 and literally went back to sleep for what seemed like an eternity, but ended up being about 50 minutes too long.

Yes, I looked at my phone and it said 6:07 am. EEK!!!! I told Tony to get his cute little butt out of bed. No time for showers. Lunches will be minimal. Get outta bed. Get to work...asap!

We both go ready in minutes and were out the door.

So needless to say it was definitely one of those mornings.
One of those mornings where a green strawed drink makes everything better :) Even when you look like crappola. No mascara, no lip gloss, no makeup {wow seriously I look awful!!}, no earrings, hair is a disaster on the top of your head.

But face got washed and my teeth got brushed ;)

Whoever thought of this little time change thing, seriously has got some issues!! Why can we not be like Arizona and have the same time all year. Like seriously it just doesn't make any sense to me. We aren't really misses and hour of life. God didn't just make it disappear. I just don't get it. And probably never will. But in the meantime....I think this weekend calls for sleeping in. And if this craziness with the alarm happens again, thank God for StarB!! ;)


Caroline said...

I have a harder time when we "fall" back. It's like all I want to do is sleep.

Ellie0717 said...

Haha this post makes me laugh! I have looked pretty much the same way all week. I can't get out of the funk. On another note, do you get the same exact drink at Starbucks every day? I love starbucks but have to switch it up or my favorite drinks start to taste bland.. :)

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