Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Out of the loop

Sometimes I feel so lost from the world around me.

Everyone posts, tweets and chats about The Bachelor {or is it The Bachelorette}, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills {apparently also known as RHOBH}, and Duck Dynasty {which I hear is awesome!}....but I sit here with no TV.

Well I have a TV, but we have no cable. Like seriously no cable, not even the basic channels like you could get for free back in the day. If we want to watch anything it's gotta be movies or free downloads.

We decided to cut out bills back about a year ago and cable was the first to go. Was I sad...a little, just because I had my shows. But  I knew there were more important things than cable.

I used to love coming home from work or school and plopping on the couch, chillin', watching TV all night long. Not to mention with a bowl of ice cream. Or popcorn. Or chips. I used to fall asleep to the TV. It was the noise that made me feel safe when I lived alone. Like it would protect me from the an intruder, just like that baseball bat mom gave me to keep by my bed.

There are times when I want to talk about the crazy reality shows and the drama from all those cop and hospital shows. I want to talk about who slept with who. I want to talk about who the bachelor/bachelorette should hook up with and who they should oust.

I can't. I choose not too. I am perfectly ok with it.

There are shows we watch from being downloaded or rented or borrowed. But it doesn't take over our evenings. We spread it out. Watching only a few nights a week, if that. We have chosen to do other things with our time. We spend time together. We spend time alone, in our own worlds, with our own hobbies.

I used to think people who didn't have cable were crazy. Like how in the world can you not watch shows. But now that I am that crazy person...it isn't so bad being out of the loop.


Rebekah said...

You're not alone! We just got cable after 2 years without only because of a promotion. We only had Netflix and Hulu before but honestly I don't even watch the shows that everyone talks about! Being out of the loop really isn't bad.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

We have cable, but it comes included with our rent. We hardly watch cable. We stream netflix and all of the shows I like to watch are on past my bedtime, anyway, so I stream what I want online! We definitely don't need it! And you are so right, there are better things to do than watch TV!

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