Monday, March 4, 2013

Two Cup of Coffee Kinda Morning...

Happy Monday!
Or is it?
Who truly enjoys getting up for work on Mondays?
Not me! That's for sure. 
I am super sleepy still. Just want to stay cuddled in bed.

But...being that we have to get our butts to work today, it is a two cup of coffee kinda morning for me.

*Friday was the most gorgeous day and unfortunately we couldn't play hooky so...I took about four 30 minute breaks to enjoy the sun. I couldn't help it. The sun was seriously calling my name!
*Saturday was still pretty nice out, so we went to walk around the streets of Pasadena. Tony got a gift card, from my momma, to the Yard House which we thoroughly enjoyed! It was nice enough out to wear a tank, shorts and flip flops. Let me tell you that I was super stoked about that!  Later we decided to try a shot of wheat grass, with another birthday gift card. It was $2.50 a pop!! A little steep if you ask me. It tasted like I grabbed a handful of grass from outside. BUT...did it do it job and clean us out?!? You better believe it did. Sunday morning we both felt amazing ;) A little later we ended up in H&M, and well somehow a cute $20 light pink {or maybe light lavender} blazer ended up in my bag. No complaints here. It was a fun day with my man.

*Sunday was a lazy day. We got up, treated ourselves to a free his and hers Starbucks. I am noticing a trend here. We got lots of free things this weekend. Again, no complaints. After we walked to Trader Joe's and picked up gorgeous coral lilies  And I decided to mix it up and put them in our blue vase... and seriously how gorgeous is coral and blue together. SO gorgeous!! We worked out legs. I am still shaking today, holy moly! Pain/Soreness=Sexiness. Or something  that....
Tony took his finals for his first two courses. And his overall grades for each A!!! Yup, he got two A's!!! I am so stoked and proud of him. Seriously, I couldn't stop lovin' on him!! :)

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday, or as fantastic as Monday's can be. Linking up with Sami


Holly said...

Sounds like a great weekend! That first pic of you in the red...WOW! You are so pretty!!

Katie Hall said...

Stopping by from the weekend linkup! Sounds like a great weekend...I love free stuff! Gorgeous flowers too! I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more!


Sam @ said...

It was totally a two cup of coffee kind of day for me too...good thing our dunkin donuts is doing free iced coffees on Mondays for the month of March! Woo!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

We were in shorts this weekend too!! Loved the quick burst of warm weather!!

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