Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend happenings

Oh how I wish I could still be underneath the warm blankets of my bed. Yesterday the time change seemed amazing with the sun being out so long. so much when we lose an hour of sleep...or don't get to sleep early enough and cant cope with another work week. 

Our weekend wasn't anything crazy. Kinda just lazy and relaxing.

one. Friday I had a SB date with the pops and sister. Definitely needed after a week of sleepiness. I seriously ope it gets better this week.
two. I got my free shirt with my protein bar order. I was super stoked about this shirt for some reason ;)
three. veggies.veggies.veggies. We eat so many veggies, it isn't even funny.
four. I made yeast free pancakes for the hubs Saturday morning. For a little sweetness, I added some chocolate chips. Heaven I tell ya, heaven. He even requested them Sunday morning too :) Recipe soon.
five. Took the handgun out for some practice and my first shot...right in the heart. Booyah!! I did pretty good this time, I wasn't as shaky or nervous. Handguns make me nervous. Shotguns, love 'em!!
six. Thanks to my wonderful seestor, I get to dye my hairs at home. Thanks to my hubby for being so precise and getting every single little hair ;)
seven. We got a new wine at TJ's...Fetzer. Delicious I must say. So with that we treated ourselves to a leeetle snack of bread and oil olive/balsamic.
eight. I got to hang out with this stud all weekend.
nine. Spring forward time change calls for some chips/salsa/guac and a mixed drink. I asked Tony if he wanted me to make a drink for us...he says yes. Then a moment later he says, oh shit. maybe I will. Wait what?!??! Just because I pour two shots instead of one is no reason to not let me make the drink ;)

Off to drink my coffee and get ready for work and school. Happy Monday!

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Jacqueline O said...

found you through the link up and love your blog!!! :)
P.S. I have a giveaway on my blog right now...(and 3 more in the next few weeks!) Hope you'll check it out and enter!

Jennifer W said...

I thought two shots in a drink was normal... :) Sounds like a great weekend!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Happy Monday to you, too. Thanks for linking up!

Looks like a pretty good weekend :)

Ashley said...

I dye my hair at home as well!! Sounds like a great weekend!!

Linny said...

Love all of the veggies! Sounds like a fantastic wknd! xo

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