Monday, March 18, 2013

weekend happenings

Weekends go entirely too fast. Can I just have one more day to sleep in?? I only got to sleep late on Saturday and I really need another! Looking at pictures from the weekend, I have decided that my hair is like 20 different shades and I think I really need to get it corrected by a professional. I mean seriously!! It is like then darker then dark then lighter then light...eeek!!! I totally screwed up!! Guess I am not a hair professional/stylist in the least bit.

Not much when on this weekend...kinda just whatever. But it is always fun hanging out with my main squeeze. I cannot get enough of him!
one. heading out to the beach for some biking riding along the sea and sand. only to realize once we got there, we were not dressed appropriately for the cold fog and breeze :(
two. beer and 007 movie night.
three. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my fellow Irish gals!!! 
four. rifle shootin' with hubs and pops.
five. a delicious new candle from bath and body works. makes me want to get on a vacay asap!
six. treadmill and leg day equals happy place for me!! :)
seven. hangin' at home with my love.
eight. Irish beers and Irish cheese for dinner, while listening to Irish pop on Pandora. Love me some Irish music. And a fav song came on...Galway Girl!! :) 
nine. Kiss me! I'm Irish! The man is Italian. I'm Irish. We've both heard that's the best combo for spouses and some good lookin' kiddos. Now if only those kiddos would decide to come....  

Now it is back to the grind. Work and school and school and work. Oh so fun!!! 

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