Friday, April 19, 2013

About Me~ Words From The Hubby

When I saw Becky's idea about the husband {or any loved one} to write randomness about me, I jumped on that so quick. I think it is always super fun to hear what others have to say about me.
*Lindsay loves “comfy clothes” which involve big thick sweats that covers everything! She cannot wait till we get home to hop right into them and she lets me know ahead of time. I would definitely rather see something a little more dazzling!

* Mac ~N~ Cheese, quesadilla, and taco salad was the type of cooking I was happy to see disappear. Lindsay is now an incredible cook and makes me delicious meals such as pasta with pancetta (thank you Giada), lentil soup (family recipe), and jalepanõ popper chicken (thanks to pinterest) just to name a few.

*Shots! Shots! Corona! More Shots! It really did not matter what the shots were of, it was just a shot, ha! Now married to an ex-bartender, she has developed a taste for the good stuff (ie. Top shelf long island, margarita’s made without the premix and with good tequila).

*Professional Photographer? Yes that’s my woman! She is an amazing photographer. Although she would beg to differ. I just know that one day (thinking when we have kids) that passion will take off for her with or without the confidence.

*To Lindsay, wine was just wine and it all tasted the same! Oh no! Education took place….The days of pouring wine into a cup vs. a wine glass were over when she married an Italian! She now understands the different grapes, full medium and light body, and understands aerating techniques and purpose. A trip to Napa Valley is in our future so we both may learn more.

*Think of a tasty hamburger from say Habit Burger, Umami Burger, or for some In-N-Out. Well, when I have mine (Habit Burger ;-) Lindsay takes my first bite! With anyone else I would have a problem with it, but not the Mrs.

* Lindsay is the most awesome wife and woman I know. Loyal.  Faithful. Loving. Caring. Thoughtful. Motivated. Smart. kind. Just to name a few. I can always count on my lunch being ready when I leave for work, or having a delicious dinner made at night. She is there when I need a friend to talk to or someone to cuddle, hold close and give affection. For these reasons and many others, I know she will be an amazing mother!

All written by Tony.

When I read this I was beaming ear to ear. Totally giddy because I love my man beyond words. Join in the fun and link up with the gorgeous momma, Becky.


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

What a nice idea to have the husband write something! and this post is sooo sweet!!

The Burtons said...

Awwwww this is great!! So glad you got him to join in :) gotta love those Italian men- mines one too!

Heather (My Little HEA) said...

*swoon* So sweet, I loved reading this :)