Monday, April 1, 2013

eatin' & boozin'

Seriously today is April 1st?!?!? Holy moly!! It is going to be Christmas in the blink of an eye... crazy!!!

Well I am definitely not prepared for school or work today. It was a relaxing three day weekend. Lots of eating and boozin' with the in-laws. Tony and I were talking about that on our drive home last night. Every time we go up there, which is quite often, the plan is eatin' and boozin'! 
With some pounds being gained unfortunately.
one. chorizo burritos. mimosas. coffee. equals breakfast of champions
two. Friday was gorgeous! if there was a pool around I definitely would have be tanning it up
three. Friday night out to dinner with the family
four. tony with his aunt and uncle
five. Moscow Mule. new favorite adult beverage!
six-nine. Saturday I got my eyebrows threaded again. I seriously love threading. Much better than a wax. Later we went to a little bar {Mad Duck} for some beers and Irish car bombs with the uncles. found out tony was a car bomb virgin. I was quite shocked being that he was a bartender for 4 years. They didn't disappoint, thank goodness! ;)

In between all that craziness we had  a weekend gym pass. Oh my word! We were in heaven. Pure heaven. We work out at home as you all know, so getting to use heavier weights. Machines. Much heavier weight. We loved it!! And boy am I feeling it! Woo!!!

Happy Easter!!
We got up bright and earlier to head to the gym for a leg session before indulging. I will probably not be able to sit on the toilet easily for the next few days. Yea, you know that feeling where you have to put your hands down for support to sit. But I live for that feeling. Gives me so much happiness and adrenaline! :)

Anyways...then Tony and I enjoyed a coffee in the sun for about 30 minutes. Time with just each other. Then back at MIL house for a delicious homemade lasagna. Love that I married into a true Italian family. Homemade Italian food is the best. There is nothing like it. We all sat around the table. Laughed. Joke. Told stories. So fun!!! But I sure did miss my family. Getting married and switching off holidays {especially when your family doesn't live close like mine} is a hard one for me since I am so close with my family. But....I am making the best of it. Making memories with my other family now too and I am having fun.

Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter weekend with family/friends. Now back to the grind of work and school and studying my little toosh off!! One thing I am super stoked for this week is momma is in town for two weeks!! Haven't seen her in 2 months. Momma and Lindz time this coming weekend! :)

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Rachel said...

Chorizo burritos AND mimosas? Sounds like heaven to me!

Thanks for linking up!

Jess said...

Just found your blog today through the link up- Mimosas and Chorizo burritos might actually be my dream breakfast. Especially if there were guacamole, too!

Some Snapshots Blog

Ashley said...

Oh.em.gee. chorizo burritos sound amazing! I've never tried eyebrow threading, but want to try soon!

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