Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pretty Powerful

Hello Beauties,

Today I write to you with a happy heart. I just landed a job at my absolute favorite makeup counter BOBBI BROWN! Words cannot even describe my giddy feelings. Guys, I’m starting my CAREER! And at only 21 years old, gotta say I’m pretty proud! So with that being said, the topic today will be makeup from none other than the one and only Bobbi Brown.

If you haven’t heard of her line, get in your car and drive to your department store, preferably Nordstrom :) She has revolutionized makeup. Bobbi Brown has been around for 22 years and every product she comes out with has been amazing. One (of the many) reasons I love this brand is because she changed the base color of foundation. Foundation used to be pink based, now it’s yellow based. All cause of this wonderful human being. Let’s face it…no one wants a pink based face. The yellow based foundation is meant to cancel out any uneven skin tones, it’s meant to neutralize your natural skin color. YES, you heard right, your natural skin color.

See, Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is to enhance the natural beauty of a woman. She believes in bedroom eyes, thick brows, and a bump on the nose beautiful…and here’s the truth. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. YOU are beautiful, so quit trying to hide your freckles, quit plucking your bold brows so thin, and definitely quit hiding who you are. Beauty isn't about looking perfect, it’s about celebrating your individuality.

Here are a few of my favorite Bobbi products…

Long-wear Even Finish Foundation
I have pretty oily skin throughout the day and I've always struggled to find a makeup that won’t dry up my skin, but control my oiliness. This long-wear (in oil free) is by far the best foundation I have ever used, and let me tell you I have definitely gotten around with my fair share of foundations. You know it takes a women about 7 tries to find her perfect foundation? Hopefully I have caught you soon enough so you stop at number 3 or 4! This foundation looks like my skin. You can’t even tell I have it on yet it evens out my skin tone perfectly. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
Extreme Party Mascara
This mascara is great because it goes on fresh with every stroke, even if it’s 5 hours later. NO CLUMPS! It has a (excuse my non-technical terms here) wet ingredient in it which helps it go on smooth every time. Think of it as the first touch up mascara! All of Bobbi’s mascaras are the blackest of black to really open up your eyes and add definition without being too strong.

Do any of you ladies use concealer to hide those tired eyes? But after a couple of hours you notice it start to move around on your face, creating lines that shouldn't be there to begin with? Here’s the answer to your prayers. I was never much of a gotta-hide-the-dark-circles kinda girl, but after seeing the MAGIC of this product, my ways have forever changed. This corrector is pink-based to neutralize the dark circles under your eyes. It instantly lifts and brightens your face. Serious MUST GET. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Creamy Concealer
This concealer is to be used over the corrector. And surprisingly enough it doesn't look cakey at all! The problem a lot of people have with concealers is they are told to get a shade that is lighter than their foundation, which is totally and completely incorrect. You put a shade lighter concealer over a blemish and it makes it stand out, right? That’s exactly the thought process for under the eyes. The yellow based concealer instantly camouflages the dark circles. A little bit goes a long way since it’s a creamy consistency. The concealer and corrector also have skin conditioners in them to help protect the sensitive skin underneath the eye.

Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks
Okay, so if I say this is another must have are y’all going to believe me? I just can’t get enough of Bobbi’s products. Ever hear the old tip that your lipstick can double as your blush? Well, it’s true! And Bobbi has put it into a pot for you. She is just the nicest ;) For a fresh look just dab a little bit on the apples of your cheeks and smudge some on your lips and you’ll look perfectly fresh! I have this product, and at first I was a little afraid since I’m not much of a pink person, but DANG has this changed my mind. It’s so simple and quick that I never go a day without it. (other shades available)

Shimmer Brick
Bobbi’s Shimmer Brick comes in about 5 other shades, anywhere from this beautiful Lilac Rose to more of a Bronzed look. What’s great about these Shimmer Bricks is they can double as eye shadow. Sweep some over your cheeks and dab some on your lid for a shimmery look. Also, the lighter colors can act as a highlighter for your cheek bones and brow bone.

Lip Color

All of Bobbi’s lipsticks are fantastic. None of them leave your lips dry and none of them smell funny. They leave your lips looking beautifully dewy. Every woman should have her perfect nude, and chances are Bobbi has that for you. A perfect nude is a lip color that looks almost exactly like your natural lip color. You may ask, “What’s the purpose of having a color that looks exactly like my lips?” Well, because we want to enhance your natural beauty. The perfect nude will add a dewy look to you, and give you that perfect burnt lip look. She also has fun colors like deep purples and burgundies and those are always great for the fall! (is it okay if I wear them in the spring too? Guilty!)

Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up

Do any of you beauties fill in your eyebrows? Or are you afraid it’ll make you look like a clown? Well, if there is one tip I can give you it’s to FILL IN YOUR BROWS! You wouldn't believe the difference. Brows shape the face, and making them bold will only make your face bold, it’ll give structure. And let’s face it, we could all use some structure every now and then. This natural brow shaper is great for the brows that you don’t have to really fill in as to just give them a little bit more color and shape. It’s EASY and doesn't feel like you have goop on your brows. Bobbi Brown also has a powder to fill in the brows that need more of a fill in rather than just a shape up.

Are you overloaded with products yet? I’m done I promise….for now ;) I hope I've convinced you to at least check out the Bobbi Brown counter in your area. Even check out her website I promise promise promise you’ll love this chick! She’s a down to earth lady with the wants and needs of real women in mind! She also has tips and tricks on her website and blog, so don’t forget to check them out!

Next time you’re getting ready for a night out, define those brows and go for a bold lip! It’s fun and playful and gives you an Ali MacGraw look. Hello….