Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I Grow Up....

I wanna have a house with a wrap around porch like this
With 4 little kiddos running around making a raucous

I wanna have hair like her

I wanna vacation in Italy and Ireland with my love

I want to be able to wear my wedding dress everyday and it be totally normal

I wanna be able to eat as much Italian and Mexican food as I want, but still manage to look like this

I will be a professional photography for little children with disabilities

I will make my kids play outside until the sun goes down and street lights go on. None of this Nintendo all day every day stuff.

I want a chocolate lab puppy and it will never grow up.

I will  be happy.

linking up with Whitney &  Erin


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

What a sweet post!! And I totally agree about that puppy!!! TOO CUTE!

Helene said...

the last one...yes!! love it and i want a big nice house and that bod!
Helene in Between

Adrienne @ BlackWhiteColor said...

Omg look how cute that chocolate lab is! I totally want to have a house with a wrap around porch! And if I could eat endless Italian + fried food and have that body...heaven!!!!
Stopping over from the linkup!