Thursday, May 2, 2013


No not beautiful hair curls. Although I wish I had those too.
Sexy bicep curls.
My favorite kind.

And with those said curls, I am going to say how proud of myself I am. That is perfectly ok to do. I have been working on my arms for quite some time. I have had a few set backs, but I am doing good. I have been able to keep increasing my weight.

I started at curling 8 pounds with one arm to now curling 17.5 pounds with one arm.

17.5 pounds!!!

I thought it would take forever to get to a higher weight, but it actually didn't. With consistency and determination I made it!!! My goal is to curl 25 pounds...that sounds so crazy high to me, but I will get there. I will. And if I can go more than that, well then shoot, I will :) May not seem like much, as pictures never do justice, but I promise you there is a huge different. You can see the definition on both sides of my arm and when I flex my triceps too! :) Eeeek!!! I love it!
We treated ourselves a little while back and bought the Bowflex adjustable weights. They were on sale, then we also had a Sport's Authority coupon...holla!! We paid about $180 rather than the $300 something they normally go for. They are the best! They are bulkier so I had to get used to them, but I love them. So convenient. Take up less space. Just plain awesome!

Bicep Routine:
3 sets of 15 - 12 pounds each arm as a warm up
3 sets of 15 - 17.5 pounds each arm
3 sets of 15 -  15 pound plates on the 11.5 pound curl weight bar {see pic below}
{hold my hands close, then in the middle of the barbell, then far out...3 sets each way}

I do biceps and triceps on Mondays. I mix it up every once in a while as I don't want my muscle to get used to the same thing, but just wanted to give you an example.

Now, get yo little self up off that couch or away from the iphone {so hard I know} and get moving!! You will love the results. You will feel amazing about yourself. You will never never regret it.

I am no professional, but I have learned quite a bit from Tony {a personal trainer}, so if you have questions let me know.

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Holly said...

What would you start with for a beginner? Your arm looks AMAZING! :)

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