Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Alone Time

The man was away for a few days last week.
Which meant I was home alone.
To watch all the girlie movies I wanted. And have seen a bazillion times.

So naturally a girl walks to Trader Joe's looking all sexy
I like to call this my after workout, it was a little chilly, I don't really care what I look like outfit.
I was kinda laughing to myself as I was walking because I look like a total fashion mishap. I look like one of those girls that I often think 'omg did she look in the mirror before she left home?!?!?'

Anyways... I walked to buy a frozen pizza because in her mind everything is healthier from Trader Joe's, 
is it not?!? 
{yes I realize a frozen pizza is a frozen pizza no matter where from, but just humor me}

Said pizza, eaten by your truly.
 My most favorite chick flick....Sweet Home Alabama. 
And of course my fish bowl of Apothic Rose.
Some times a night or two alone is the perfect relaxation.