Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday

I am beyond stoked it's Friday. I need a day to sleep in so badly. I am exhausted. Tired. 
I need a vacation pronto!! 
Thank God for our anniversary coming up, 
we are planning to plan a mini vacay down to the gorgeous Coronado Island. 
One month baby. One month.

I am having major brain farts and writer's block, so any help I can get I jump on it. And by help...suggestions are more than welcome ;) So...with that being said I am linking up with two of my must reads 
Darci & Natasha for Five on Friday.

one~ I am having these crazy cats over for dinner tonight. Yummy food. Delicious drinks. Lots of laughs!

two~ Last night I had mom over {she's in town again...wooo!!} and she did a peel on me. Holy Toledo did that burn!!! Seriously, oh my word! So this weekend I will look like a snake in it's shedding stage :-/
Why oh why do women do things like this for beauty?!?!?

three~ Must get the coral ones in my closet asap!!! Or any of these amazing colors for that matter.

four~ I could totally use a day consisting only of this. Maybe add a corona-rita or two and chips/salsa.
Thinking Sunday should be a hang out at mom's hotel day even if she wont be there.

five~ Holy amazing sexy shoulders!! Whatever this chica does, I need to get on it!

Have a happy weekend! Enjoy the outdoors and an adult drink, I know I will.
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