Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Homemade Peanut Butter {Melts In Your Mouth!}

First things first... go buy a Vitamix. 
This weekend get your little booty to Costco and purchase one. I promise you will not be disappointed :)

Reason #129780365478 is homemade peanut butter.

That word totally intrigues you doesn't it. Homemade is always better. Isn't it?!?

If you have never had homemade pb, you must! And I mean must try it. 
If I could send you some through this little ol' blog, I totally would. 
There is just something about the freshness and knowing exactly what is in it.
It is healthy. A great source of protein, in moderation of course ;)
Just tastes that much better!

It is the easiest recipe. Eva!!!
8oz plain salted peanuts
8oz honey roasted peanuts
Put the Vitamix on Frozen Dessert {don't worry it doesn't come out frozen} and let the machine work it's magic.
Takes maybe a minute.
Comes out warm and creamy. 

Perfect with apples, celery, pancakes and even pb&j! And ya know, I just thought if you want to make it crunchy, just chop up some peanuts. Small but not toooo small and just stir it in. Viola! 
A perfect blend of peanut butter!