Monday, June 17, 2013

I Love Weekends

All summer weekends {and weekdays if possible} should consist of fun, sun and alcohol. 
Am I right?! Or am I right?!

Friday night my gorgeous little red headed seestor came over and chilled with Tony and I for the night. We had a blast. Drank some frozen margaritas. Had chips and salsa. Duh! Rocked out to our favorite Shania songs. Oh the memories all those songs bring. Ate some BBQ chicken salad. We broke Kell's virgin status for corona-ritas. Oh those tasty strong things will totally get you. Let's just say I felt asleep way too early for a Friday night. 
Saturday we didn't do a whole lot. Truthfully I cannot even remember what we did during the day. Oh yea, some laundry and house cleaning. Who would have thought a night of 3 people partying it up ;) would cause so many dishes?!? Seriously, it took me a good 30 minutes or so to clean up the kitchen. 
Mom is in town for a few weeks staying at a local hotel, well she went up with her parents house for the weekend, so I thought it would be nice to have a little stay-cation ;)
We went out to dinner then headed over to hotel for the night. The room looks over the pool, which had a crazy huge party Saturday naturally we people watched. So so funny to watch guys and girls interact with each other. We worked out and just watched TV the rest of the night. Those prison shows get me hooked...Locked Up or something like that. No idea why...but I love watching them.
Sunday morning we worked out. Showered. Hotels have way!!! stronger water pressure than out little old apartment. It was like a massage it felt so nice. Anyways... got ourselves some Starbucks and enjoyed sitting outside. Tony had to walk to Big5 to buy a sleeping bag for our Bug-Out-Bag. Yes...he is that guy. He is making a B.O.B. :-/ I just humor him.
By then it was hot enough to catch some rays. And that we did. Laying by the pool always is so relaxing. I wish I was able to do it every day. Hubs got us some Baja Fresh kids meals for lunch. And just continued to enjoy the gorgeous weather Sunday brought.
And now, back to the grind. Kind of a busy week, which is always nice. Then next weekend, it's mom and daughter weekend!! So excited for that. Miss my momma being around all the time.  Happy Monday!

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