Monday, June 24, 2013

sweet summertime

Happy Funday Monday!
Errr....I don't think that flies unless you are doing a lot of this....
Friday I left work around 3p and since the sun was hot and not one single cloud in the sky, what else was I to do but lay out at mom's hotel. //all.weekend.long// 
We had a mom/daughter weekend. Love those by the way. They may see they happen often, but really they don't happen often enough. Love spending alone time with mom. I miss not having her in the same state....

Saturday morning we went to have coffee and people judge watch. One of our favorite things to do. Oh you know you love it too! Never realized there were so many crazies in my small hometown... 
By then the sun was out in full force and it was time to get our tan on. For like five hours!! We was in heaven. There is nothing better than enjoying the sun, chatting it up with mom, and having some drinks. 
Speaking of drinks, this was my first time drinking these...I thought they were a little too sweet on their own. So I mixed them {1/2 and 1/2} in a tumbler full of ice. OMG!! You must try it!! So delicious. My mom said it's her new favorite drink. Totally refreshing for a hot day in the sun. And I loved how little these cans were 8oz a $1 each, a perfect little size.

{my favorite new outfit from A&F and a little bandeau action from AE. Super comfy and perfect for summer}

Sunday was coffee, Nordstroms {I may or may not have done a little shopping...but that's for another day} and just chillin' with momma until Tony picked me up.
Got my makeup done. Felt like anew woman. Crazy how some makeup can change your whole look. Now if I could only replicate or even just figure out how to put eyeliner on. Yes, I am lame seriously lame when it comes to this stuff. Definitely didn't get that gene/talent.
Love these times with you mom. We always have a blast! Thank you for a fun weekend! Can't wait until the end of July for a weekend at the lake for your birfday! ;)

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