Monday, June 3, 2013

The Weekend

I have to say this was a very successful weekend at not doing much. And that is always perfect every now and again. But I do have to say, like everyone else...Why oh why does Monday come so fast?!?!? This week is a short week for me. Holla!!! So excited to be taking Friday off. Just because :)

*Friday Night was date night at home with dinner and a movie that I seriously cannot remember, so I'm sure it was that good! I made Quinoa Pizza Bites and we got a pizza from Trader Joe's. Definitely will be making those again. Oh and see that little red cup? More on that this week....

*Saturday we headed to Starbucks and Chik-Fil-A {Tony is on a huge kick lately}. Then made our way down to Huntington Beach for some gorgeous sun and sand.

*Saturday night it was Shrimp Taco night in our neck of the woods. Never thought I loved shrimp, but I cannot get enough. It is becoming a traditional weekend meal. I also made Katie's CopyCat Chipotle Guac. I seriously could have eaten the entire bowl. No joke, it is that good!! Thanks lady!! Tony also made a concoction of sorts. The alcohol sorts. Delicious!! Again, more on that later this week....

 *Sunday consisted of the essentials: crazy leg work out. Cleaning. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Then finally we sat down, watched Troy, painting nails, and just relaxed with a glass of wine.

Ready for the next weekend ;)

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Sharon Dugan said...

want to try those shrimp tacos and guac when i am out there. Looks delicous!!

Caitlin said...

The weekends always go by WAY too fast. We need to protest.

I LOVE guac and that looks SO good!! I will have to make some of that!

Glad you had a fabulous weekend :)

Michelle said...

Wow, those pizza bites look amazing. I haven't had quinoa yet but that may be a great way to try it!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

ooh shrimp tacos?! Yum! you are making me hungry! Oh and the pizza bites look pretty good too. Looks like you had a pretty yummy weekend!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

What a fun weekend! I want to try Bubba Gump! I saw you on the link up! XOXO

Rachel said...

Fun weekend! Shrimp tacos are my favorite!

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