Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Little Dent {In The Bank Account}

I rarely buy myself clothes. 
If I do it is usually on major sale like my favorite summer purchase.
Or I'll splurge on Luluemon, because cute workout clothes make working out that much more fun! 

So I decided to take it upon myself and go all out. Ok, not really, but I did spend over $100.
To me that's a lot. I just can never justify it. Am I not a normal girl anymore?!?! When did I become all responsible and shiz?!?!

Francesca's is my new bff. These shirts are totally out of my norm, but I'm really loving it.
*Tony says I'm gonna be all sexy and schtuff wearing that cheetah print top {that is cheetah right??}. 
*A super cute geometric print top
*Neutral color drop earrings
*Leopard {that's leopard, yes?} sandals from none other than Tar-jay.
H&M is another favorite. At least this weekend it was.
*A classic black pencil skirt
*A black lace tank
*Super cute fancy ruffle sleeved tank
*A gold and turquoise necklace from Francesca's
I think it's safe to say Tony needs to take me on a couple hot dates. I'm thinking sushi, steak, ocean view ;)