Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm The Girl

*that would rather be in jeans, a tank and flip flops than dressed to the nines

*that makes sure everyone else is taken care of before myself

*who loves peanut m-n-m's for breakfast

*that feels more comfortable in a group of guys than a group of girls

*that doesn't know how to put eye liner on

*who has hand sanitizer in her car door. in her purse. in her desk. in her bathroom

*addicted to instagram _lindsayalexis_

*who wants to wear a cute outfit, but has no clue how to style it

*who works out extra hard, so I can have that drink on the weekend

*will spend $100 on a pair of jeans

*that would have ice cream/frozen yogurt every single day

*that has to have the house picked up before going to bed

*with a million and one pairs of tennis and flip flops

*who bites her nails at the age of almost 30

*that can eat as much as a guy

*who puts on comfy clothes soon as I walk in the door

*that never got a joke in junior or senior high

*with a glass of wine in her hand

Random Wednesday with Shanna