Friday, July 26, 2013

Momma's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I'm stoked I get to celebrate with you this weekend, on your actual day {tomorrow}. You obviously have missed spending your birthday with your favorite daughter and son-in-law.

Now that we live in different states, I cherish all the moments I have with you. 
Even if it's just a ten minute conversation at work. 

You are always there to listen. To give advice and sometimes I get to switch the roles and give you some ;)

You are probably the only person I know that would give everything off your back to someone in need. A family member, a friend, an ex boyfriend. You have such a giving heart. You're love for the people we all love is amazing. 

You light up the room when you walk in...from your smile, to your laugh, to making everyone comfortable.

The older I get, the more people say I look like you. I totally take that as a compliment. 
Not to mention, I love that people actually say I look like family and not the milk man's kid.

You are a party and a half when you drink. So many pictures and video....for blackmail ;)

Even with those crazy antics, you will be the greatest gramma one day!

I love you more than you will ever know. And I miss you like crazy when you aren't around. 
I love you mom!!


Rowena said...

What a lovely tribute to your mum! Make sure you show her what you have written. Say happy birthday from me and have a lovely time x

Rebecca Maier said...

I truly hope my daughter feels the same way about me someday! Your mom is someone to strive to be like!