Friday, July 19, 2013

Ray Bans, Coffee & Cupcakes

It's Friday and I'm totally doing a happy dance right now. I plan on making some yummy tacos and having a drink in my hand in t minus 10 hours. Err Maa Gawh!! 10 hours is like an eternity when sitting behind a desk all stinkin' day :/


1} For our anniversary, we went to dinner at Geoffrey's in Malibu with a gorgeous view overlooking the ocean. We had a long island {made perfectly} and amazing coconut shrimp for an appetizer. Seriously, I'm still drooling over it. Tony got some seafood, I had a Kobe steak. Everything was delicious. It was a perfect evening talking, listening to the waves crash, enjoying each other. Isn't he just the sexiest?!? ;)

{I even wore my hot pink wedding heels}

2} The man. The best man. The man that I love to call my husband got me these super cute aviators!!! We pulled off the road and just chilled watching the ocean for a couple minutes and BAM! He pulls a fast one of me with these new smaller style aviators. Love them would be an understatement. They fit perfectly and seriously I am obsessed with them!!! I have mentioned Tony is amazing! He always got me a gold bangle that I have been wanting for so long!! Just a simple gold bangle that I can wear every day.

3} I love enjoying my morning routine of drinking hot black coffee, reading blogs, and just listening to the silence for about 30 minutes. #itsthelittlethings 

4} Susie Cakes, 'nough said!! If you live by Calabasas, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach or Brentwood, get your little bootie up right now and go!! Go now!!! I promise you will love these. We had them for our wedding and have been hooked ever since. And I know I have talked about them on here before. Wednesday, our anniversary, was their 7th it was buy one get one free. Sweet heavens above were the words that Tony and I were thinking.
Two red velvet, one mocha and one blueberry pancake...melt in your mouth sweetness.

5} Anyone know how I can become more flexible. In the past couple weeks my legs have gotten so tight, I can barely bend at the waist all the way. I used to be close to touching my toes, finger tips are like a foot away haha!!! It's pathetic. Totally pathetic. I just don't really know how to stretch other than the super basic ways of standing with legs apart and reaching for my toes, etc. I need guidance. Advice. Help! :)

Have a great weekend enjoying the sun and heat :)
I'm at @_lindsayalexis_ on instagram if you want to following along on my weekend.

linking up with Darci & Natasha for Five on Friday ; and Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.


Buffy Goosev, AKA: Momma Goose said...

I am totally with you on the listening to silence! With my two little loud kids...its hard to have silence unless they're sleeping! LOL! And...happy anniversary!

Coffee cup clink and a High Five to you this Friday Morning! ;)

Buffy Goosev
Momma Goose & Gaggle

I saw you from High Five for Friday! Yay!

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