Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday All!!
I am sure you are just as happy about today as I am. Happy dance and all, no?!? ;)
Another day another dollar....
One more week of school to cross off. Hallelujah!!

Not much happened over the weekend in these parts. Friday was date night in. Homemade nachos, that were amazing thanks to the hubs, and a movie. Saturday morning I decided to be all domesticated and stuff and make the man breakfast. Saturday evening I picked mom up from the airport. Woo hoo!! She is in town again for almost 2 weeks :)
Sunday included getting Dr. Conkey' mom and pop coffee shop in my hometown :) And a trip to the mall with Tony and mom. I finally got the wear these super cute abercrombie capri's.
Sunday evening we rented another movie, had a little beverage, and ice cream. It was National Ice Cream Day and it would totally have been a sin to not celebrate. Dontchathink?!?! Talenti Sea Salt Caramel. OMG!
And that's a wrap from my super exciting, don't be jealous of the craziness, kind of weekend ;)

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