Monday, August 5, 2013

A Chill Weekend

Cannot believe we are in August. Seriously where in the world does the time go??!?! But with that being said I have only 35 days, then I start externship!! Woo hoo!!! Hopefully being in the hospital up the street.

I am trying to be more in the moment. Not worry so much about taking pictures and posting on IG or worrying about taking pictures for a blog post. I am trying to show more attention to Tony and not worry so much about getting every memory down on the computer screen paper. Sometimes weekends are just chill. Normal. Nothing crazy to chat about. But sometimes those weekends are totally needed.

Saturday morning I made chocolate chip pancakes. We sat at the table. Ate. Drank our coffee. And just talked for about an hour or so over breakfast. It was honestly so relaxing and enjoyable. The little things.

We eventually made our way out the door for errands. Windows down. Wind blown hair. New Ray-Bans. 
At the end of the day we stopped at Best Buy, bought Grease, and had shrimp tacos for dinner.
With a side of hers and his Talenti. 
This made me a happy happy girl!!!

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