Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

I have big plans for this weekend! Yup! I do! :)
I will be making my way to Balboa Island/Newport Beach for some much needed vitamin D. Cannot wait!

Now for Five on Friday...

one. congrats to momma and Jim for being homeowners...Texas homeowners. Tony and I will eventually get our butts there to see it ;)

two. last night the man kicked me out of the house because he had to give a speech for his online English class. I literally had no idea what to do for an hour. I didn't want to get coffee because it was 7p. I wanted to get my nails done but decided not to spend money. Well, that was stupid because somehow the car made it's way to Target and I spent near $75 :-/ Whoever invented the store, Target, is a freakin' genius and knew how to get into a woman's head. I mean seriously, I can never go in there without spending at least $50. 
I should have just got my nails did....
And seriously what do you all do for an hour or so of alone time out of the house?!?

three. you all know I have an extreme love for lululemon. And by love I clearly mean an obsession. I recently got the black speed shorts. Oh my word, I am in love!! Seriously these are the best, most comfy shorts ever. I wish I could wear them all.the.time.
{please excuse the serious selfie concentration ;)}

four. people at work have been bringing in produce from there gardens. This makes me so happy. I love me some fresh, homegrown foods. I also love that I don't have to spend money and go buy any. #winning!!
I mean seriously look at these two humongous logs of gorgeousness
{avocado there for size comparison}

five. words to live by
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Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

It sounds like I am similar to Tony...I have been doing phone interviews and I MAKE Rich go in the other room and shut the door or I make him leave..haha! It's too much pressure! hahaha

Sounds like you have an awesome weekend ahead of you!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

I agree about Target! I have a love/hate relationship with that place!

Sally said...

So funny about Target.....that would have been the place I would have made a beeline to as well!!

Ashley said...

love lulu! and yes, target is the devil. i have the same problem! especially at christmas...i just love to go in there and walk around!

Laura Darling said...

I always say that I lose the ability to distinguish need from want the minute I walk through the doors of Target! It's a curse!