Monday, August 26, 2013

it is indeed monday

It is Monday {I need more coffee}
It is a short work week because I took Friday off work. 
Which means I have a four day weekend thanks to Labor Day.
Which also means, next week will only be four days of work thanks to said holiday.
AND our mini vacay for our anniversary {back in July}.
Pretty darn stoked!!!

Let's talk VMAs for a minute. 
The music. The performances. The clothes!?! Or lack there of!
Lady Gaga {although I love her music}. Miley Cyrus. And a bunch of other people I don't know...
Seriously, I don't know who half these artists are. Am I really that old?? 
Newer artists are just getting more and more weird...

Then of course there is the one and only JT. I think he is and always will be every '90s girl' crush! I mean the way he moves. His endurance. His voice. He has got it goin' on a million times over!!

Anyways....Monday calls for the obligatory weekend recap. So here ya go! ;)
one. date night in. true blood marathon and long islands. and seriously that said drink...holy moly!!! by episode 2, I was about three sheets to the wind. Not too sure what Tony did, but man oh man. Maybe he thought he was gonna get all kinda of lucky or something. But let me tell you....I passed out cold as soon as my head hit the pillow.

two. chick-fil-a was request from Tony as soon as he opened his eyes. The closest one is in Hollyweird, so we had some breakfast watching the weirdos walk down Sunset Blvd. And yes, even at 8am there are weirdos out ;)

three. beers at Hooters. 2 Guns with sexy Marky Mark ;). Pretty good movie btw. Sushi for dinner.

four. the day of laundry. errands. relaxing. Which calls for this delicious, easy, perfect summer Greek Tortellini Salad {recipe from Katie}

Let's get this week rollin'!

linking up with Sami


My Way to Fit and Fab said...

Hey! Just stopping in from sami's shenanigans! I LOVE chic-fil-a breakfast, and That Greek tortellini salad looks delicious! Dang it now I'm hungry!

Caitlin said...

I felt the exact same way about the VMAs.. who were half of those people?! I don't think I'm old either.. yeesh!

Ahh JT. What a beaut.

Kimberly said...

Lol @ Tony thinking he as going to get lucky. ;}. Ha! I too watched the VMAs - and I haven't watched MTV in a few years - and boy was I blown away! Namely, of course, because of Miley SIGHrus. I'm still recovering from the PTSD that resulted after it, but unfortunately, I shall never forget it. It's a shame that NSync got less camera time than Taylor Swift got from the audience. I would have loved to see more but JTs lengthy performance was well worth it!


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