Monday, September 30, 2013

Bikes & Beers

We had a fun fall weekend. The weather was gorgeous, about 85* at the beach. About 90 or so at our place. No clouds, slight breeze, it was just a great weekend. I wish every day could be a weekend, I mean who needs this work business, ok well other than that small paycheck I receive every two weeks ;)

Friday night we had a crazy night. One you will all be jealous of. We stayed in. Got our comfy clothes on, per usual, and did laundry. Yup!! We are officially old. Who wants to join us??

Saturday morning we headed to Starbucks, so Tony could get his one a month, extra extra pumpkin pumpkin frappucino. And I have to say, which I am not a huge pumpkin fan, the couple sips I had were quite tasty. Then we headed to Santa Monica for a bike ride along the Santa Monica and Venice beach bike trail. It was a gorgeous day at the beach here in Southern California. Nothing better than the sun, sand, and sounds of the ocean...or the weirdos in Venice. 

{just an fyi, phone was out for photos. I truly was enjoying my time with Tony and no distractions}

And what better way to end a Saturday at the beach, than a couple Corona-ritas with chips and guacamole.

National Coffee Day {aka Sunday September 29}
Sunday morning started out a bit lazy. We slept in until about 8:30, had some coffee, chatted a bit. Then got a phone from Tony's uncle that he was available to hang out with {in town for work}, so we got in turbo mode. Cleaned up the house. Washed the dishes. Got in our leg day workout {holy mother of soreness}. Then made some pasta with pancetta for lunch. I scored!! The Italians loved my cooking.
A bit after lunch, we headed to the Mad Bull Bar on Ventura Blvd. for a couple beers and of course a shot. Cannot hang out with Uncle Gianni and not have a shot of something. It is always a good time with him.

And that concludes our fun weekend. Whose counting down till the next?!? {hand raised high!!}


Nicole Marie said...

cant believe ive never had a coron-rita

Nicole Marie said...

cant believe ive never had a coron-rita