Wednesday, October 30, 2013

dad's daughter

The other day I had a moment where I knew I was my dad's daughter.
I literally laughed out loud.
At home. Alone.
I've got dad drinking fish bowls now...guess he is taking after his favorite daughter

We all have those moments growing up where we tell ourselves...
I will never be like that.
I will never say that.
I will never do that.

Then out of no where, little things, simple things happen and you are your parents.
You take on their quirks.
Their way of thinking.
They truly just 'rub off' on you.

I have this thing where I always sometimes clear my throat. Like I don't evenm realize I do it. Well, my lovely sister points it out. Makes fun of it. Gets totally annoyed by it. She asks why I do it {omg while I am writing this, I totally just did it, nothinking about it, and am cracking up now...}.  I never have an answer for her.

Until last week. It out of no where clicked. My dad clears his throat. Like all.the.time. No idea why. Never thought about it. But isn't it weird that I now do it. And it totally sounds exactly like him. It's like when I hear myself do it, I turn around to see if he is in the room...

Just a little quirk I picked up from the good ol' pops.


Sharon said...

Too funny and scary!!

Sharon said...

Too funny and scary!!

Stephanie said...

So you may know this already, but we can officially start thinking about Christmas, Starbucks brought out the red cups!!!! :)