Friday, October 11, 2013

fill 'er up!


+ Keep it coming!! I have never drank so much coffee in my life. It is literally running through my veins. I feel like this little pooch.. All hospital staff, volunteers, employees gets free coffee in the cafeteria. You better believe I took advantage of that sh*t last night. With a little bit of hazelnut creamer...heaven.

+ Cannot wait to receive my holiday prints from SS Print Shop.

+ Will definitely be trying this recipe soon. A perfect weekend snack.

+ If you can get your hands on this. I promise you will thank me. Your husband/boyfriend will thank me too.
+ We found out recently that Tony has food allergies. More tests are still being done.... but as of now he is allergic to wheat. Which means our little family of two will now need to jump on the gluten free bandwagon. I also recently came across Whole30, so I am interested to see what this all about. Major lifestyle changes here we come. With open arms and happy faces, I might add ;)
+ The Walking Dead premieres this weekend. Enough said!

+ I need to learn Spanish stat! There are tons of patients, actually a majority of the patients, that do not speak a lick of English. So...I'm thinking Rosetta Stone?? Oh wait...I don't have a grand to thrown down on that crap. YouTube it is...

+ Tony has been packing my snack, lunch, dinner, bottles of water so I have it ready first thing in the morning. Love him!

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