Wednesday, October 23, 2013

recipe {spaghetti squash}

I finally jumped on the band wagon and am now a lover of spaghetti squash.
It is super easy. Ok, well not really.
Cutting it in half was a royal pain in the a$$!! We {and by we, I mean he} cut it in half before we cooked it, not sure if that is the correct way, but holy cow! That was a feet in and of itself.

Side now: am I the only one that didn't know the inside looks like a pumpkin...the strings and seeds and even the smell.

After gutting it, I put the halves face up in a glass pan with about a 3/4 inch water and baked on 350* for 45 min. Once it cooled a little, I scrapped out the insides with a fork, seasoned with a little pepper, salt, and garlic olive oil. It was amazing!!!

I threw some red pepper shrimp on top and we had a delicious meal with a side or two of Reisling :)