Monday, October 14, 2013

just your normal weekend....

Why do weekends always go by so fast?!?!? I would love a couple more days to sleep in and not have to wake up before the crack of dawn....

This weekend was filled with time alone with Tony. Last week we probably saw each other and talked an hour alone time was much needed. 

Saturday we didn't do a whole lot...errands, laundry, being lazy, watched House of Cards with a cocktail. by the way, House of Cards if a great show!! 

Sunday was spent in Pasadena. Such a fun, clean little town. Full of character, gorgeous photography locations. So naturally we played around and had a little photoshoot {more pictures to come}.
We walked around. People watched. And lucky for our bank account, I didn't buy a single thing :)
We treated ourselves to a late lunch/early dinner with some wine, bread, and pasta on the patio. After seeing some more characters walking up and down the street, we headed to a delicious coffee shop for a mocha. 
And that's that. A great weekend spent with Tony, per usual.

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