Thursday, October 3, 2013

wish list {take 1}

Christmas is fast approaching, 82 days 17 hours 31 minutes, but hey whose counting ;) My birthday is also fast approaching. My 30th {eeekkk!!!!} birthday actually. 16 days before Christmas. So just use your fingers and subtract and you'll know the day. Hint: December 9th. 

Anyways, I get asked a million and one times what I want. And honestly, I can never think. So over the next 66 and 82 days, I will be posting wish lists. Things I think I cannot live without. Things I just think are super cute and must have in my home or closet. Most of which I probably wont receive, and may even change my mind in a week or so. But that's the problem of those buying me the gift.

Without further adieu. I love color, trust me, but I also love how classy and sexy black is. 
I want it all ::hint hint mom/Tony/Aarika {Nordstrom's employee}

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Stephanie said...

LOVE the dress!!!! So simple and elegant, yet the lace really adds something!

christie said...

love that black watch! i have one in gold but i never wear it... i need to put it to work!

xx, christie