Wednesday, November 20, 2013

a happy woman

I saw this on Cupcakes and Cashmere a while back and thought I would share my own answers.
So here goes 8 things a happy woman should have....

a go to drink- besides the obvious water and coffee... I love Malibu Red with 7-Up or Sprite. It's simple, easy, and can be made in the comfort of my own home. But being that isn't very popular when out at a restaurant or bar, I stick with a Long Island ;)

a karaoke song- anything Shania or Kenny. I know all their songs like the back of my hand. Preferably I Feel Like a Women or When The Sun Goes Down.

a uniform- jeans // t-shirt or tank top // flip flops {total California girl right herrre}

a hair stylist they love- this one I have not found yet. If anyone knows of an amazing person in the LA area, that isn't crazy expensive, please please please let me know. I will forever be in your debt.

an exercise routine: running or HIIT {alternating days} along with weights for specific muscle. Mondays- biceps & triceps // Tuesday- abs // Wednesday- legs with no weights // Thursday- back // Friday- shoulders & abs // Saturday- legs with heavy weights // Sunday- day off

a hobby- blogging //  traveling // riding bikes at the beach  // photography //

a best friend- Aarika...I can share everything and anything with her and there is no judgement, ever. We can tell each other how it is, we can speak our mind, we can be mean {unfortunately} but in the end we always have each other's back. We are always there for each other. She is my other half, besides Tony...obvi!! ;)

a healthy sense of self- I am trying my hardest not to compare myself with other women...but being a female is hard, as we all know. I just keep myself surrounded by my biggest supporters and ones that love me. That is how I get through my day. Along with some along time here and there...that is a must, for everyone!