Monday, November 4, 2013

a weekend to myself

This weekend was a total chill weekend. I had the house to myself, as Tony went up to see his family. And by family, I really mean to play video games all weekend with his uncle. I will never understand the fascination with video games. Thank God he doesn't play them on the reg.

So with Tony being gone, I enjoyed me time. Three nights home alone. Just me. Was kind of nice. But I'm so glad the Mr. is home tonight. I missed him.

*working out
*pulling out some Christmas decor
*trips (yes, that is with an s) to Target
*a purchase of super fun pj bottoms...which by the way, make me look like I have a great boo-tay!! ;)
*another purchase of black booties
*put up twinkle lights
*treating myself to a Queensland Salad from Outback with a side of my new fav cocktail
*all while watching two of my favorite holiday movies...The Family Stone & The Holiday
*gave myself a mani & pedi
*experiencing a power outage at 9pm, literally just on our block, that lasted until 11:15p. totally irritating!
*laying around playing on my phone for said two hours. right when I was gonna go to bed...power returns.

*enjoyed coffee in the sun
*went to Ikea for the very first time
*bought gold frames for my new Christmas prints
*errands. laundry. chores.
*first time sitting down to relax....5p
*and with that, I enjoyed a huge glass of sangria

How was your weekend?!? Did you remember the time change Sunday morning? I like the mornings being brighter earlier...but totally not a fan of the evenings being darker earlier. Sunday at 4p the sun started setting...say what?!??! It totally confuses me. Feels later than it really is....

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Sharon said...

Im so glad you enjoyed your weeknd alone; it is good to have that once in awhile and just do whatever you want. Love your did a grat job Your getting to be such the decorator! Love you

Christa at Forever Young said...

I hate this time change! I have such a hard time not wanting to go straight to bed after work... Stopping by from the link-up. It looks like you had a good weekend! Happy Monday!

Forever Young

Ashley said...

so jealous of your weekend! i am craving one just like this!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

OOO sangria?! Did you make it yourself? What is the recipe??

And with the time change, Sunday felt like the longest! But I loved it, I was soo productive!!

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