Friday, November 15, 2013


Another week down. Another weekend to relax with Tony.
This also means I am about 240 weeks into my externship, which means I have only 720 hours left :/  Not counting down the seconds or anything....

A little bit of randoms on this lovely Friday, because in the blog world Fridays are random list days.

\\ I picked up my Clomid pills yesterday. So many emotions and thoughts in my head, I don't know how to write it all out. I am working on it, so I can put it into a post and keep a journal of it for myself...and if it helps any of you :) This is totally a journey I never thought I would be on, but I am much more positive now than I was a few months back. We are just getting one step closer every day.

\\ How simply chic is this outfit?! I am in love with every part of it. Now if it would just magically appear in my closet, that would be great! Anyone own a pair of jeans like this, that can guide me where to purchase??

\\ My love for shrimp has gone haywire this year. Was never a fan before, but now...cannot.get.enough. Too bad there is so much cholesterol in it, I gotta manage the intake. But I am always up for new recipes, such as this one. It's always a plus when food is served with a beer or any alcohol for that matter.

\\ It is almost my dirty 30. Speaking of, I am not too sure what the dirty part means, but I do know that I am going to pretend I have not hit my third decade of life. I will be 29 forever. Yup, my aunt Sherri always told us she was 29 when we were I think I will follow in her foot steps!

\\ Speaking of said third decade...what does one ask for???? I need help. I am constantly being asked what kind of special gift do I want. Obviously if I ask you what is isn't as special. But I need help!! What did you get for a big deal birthday??? I asked for a home. That got shut down; not too sure why!! I asked for a trip to Ireland, same thing... Asked for diamond earrings, that too got shut down. So obviously I need to rethink my gifts and keep them under a few hundred dollars, not in the thousands or hundreds of thousands ;) Please help!!

\\ I think I will be making this holiday goodness this weekend. I love walking into the house smelling holiday. Yes, according to me holiday is a scent. And the best one at that, besides of course Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen.

\\ Tomorrow night two of the sisters are coming over for dinner and drinks. Havent really hung out with them in a while, besides the hour of shooting last weekend. Love me some sister time. Just missing the long lost sister living in Texas, whom I haven't seen in a year :(

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Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

scary scary Clomid! Just kidding, you will be fine. And that outfit, i about died. I want every single thing she is wearing!!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I was going to say all of those gift that were shut down! BOO! Maybe a smaller trip? Mexico/South America/Hawaii/Canada? Or even a trip to San Francisco for some Irish Coffees?!?!? Maybe if it is smaller it can be stomached? :-)

Family time with wine is definitely my favorite way to spend an evening! Have a blast! :-)

Angela said...

I was thinking, for my 30th, I want Chris to just give me the credit card, say, "I'll take the kids for the whole day," and let me shop till I drop...for myself! And no apologies when he sees the bill! Sorry, maybe it's lame...

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