Friday, December 20, 2013

friday {christmas style}

It is Friday!!!
The beginnings of a 5 day weekend.
More Christmas celebrations.
And a slap in the face that 2014 will be here in 12 days.

This is the last weekend before Christmas and I'm so excited.
Tony and I are doing our Christmas tomorrow morning.Then in the evening we are spending it on the boat with my aunt and cousins watching the annual Christmas decorated boat parade. Sunday morning we are meeting up with my pops and sisters for a little Christmas breakfast, then it's off to Tony's side for a few days. I serious love this time of year!!
But I also cannot wait to clean our house up, have everything back to normal, and get back on track with my workout routine. I have been eating fairly decent though, so I am not feeling the whole holiday bloat, thank goodness ;)

How cute are these new editions to my Christmas decor. Cute little Santa boots that will hold loads of peanut MnM's. And an adorable salt and pepper shaker. Then my cute Christmas sweater mug wrap :)

Christmas just isn't the same for me anymore. Not being with all my immediate family on that day. The eating and talking and game playing. I miss it so much. Not that I don't love waking up with Tony, because duh, that's an obvious...But I miss having everyone together. I miss giving each other gifts in person and seeing the reaction on their face. I miss making appetizers and dinner with my mom. Stuffing our faces until we have to unbutton our pants. Playing games and getting all crazy and loud and yelling over each other. My heart is lost a little each and every Christmas.

Am I crazy to wish I lived somewhere like this during the winter?!? Ok maybe not an entire winter, maybe just a week or two...during the holidays. Gorgeous.

Christmas traditions are something I hold near and dear to my heart. Sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for mom to get Erich out of bed, the Christmas music going, the fire place on, the MnM's in bowls. Then we would open stockings all at the same time, then for actual would be one by one. We would soak up the moment and see what every one got. I loved it! Cannot wait to carry on traditions with my kids.

My most favorite Christmas gift, or at least the Christmas that always stands out in my memory year after year, is when my cousin and I got rollerblades. I say my cousin because we lived across from each other so we immediately went outside together and bladed all day. Mine were black and purple. Of course our moms got us, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads...the works. But in reality I needed a butt pad because damn that shit hurts when you fall. On your tail bone. And within the first 30 minutes of having them on. I even remember the sweater I wore matched my rollerblades. Gotta love the eighties  #eightiesfashionkid

I will of course be around on instagram during the holidays, but I will most definitely be taking a break for the next few days, so if you wanna see what I'm up to following along would ya!

Happy Christmas!

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