Thursday, December 19, 2013

this little ol' blog

I have been MIA around these parts.
I am just not feeling it lately.
I feel like I have nothing exciting to write about.
Mostly due to the fact that I work and go to school until 10pm Monday through Friday.
Therefore I have no time during the week to do anything fun. Or take photos or meet up with people.
The last thing I feel like doing is staying up late or getting up early to blog.
But who says there is a  specific time to post right? Or is there? Is that what determines how you engage readers?

I am getting burnt out. Fast! I thought I was doing ok, but it is taking a lot out of me. My energy level is going down. My brain is fried. Any extra thought of writing or being even somewhat creative has flown out the window a few weeks ago.

I wrack my brain thinking of ideas to post. I read a ton of other blogs to try and get ideas. But it just isn't helping. I love this little space of mine. But I am struggling with it.

I try not to compare my blog to others, but I do. All the time. I try not to compare my life to others, but I do. All the time. Seems like so many other people do fun exciting things, and I am over here boring as a log during the week, and then I have one day on the weekends to enjoy and the other day is full of chores and grocery shopping and being responsible.... being an adult is totally overrated at times.

I have no idea what I am really try to say here. I am not complaining, we all have shit going on in our lives. I just am lost in this blog world.

How do you find your niche? How do you figure out what you love to write about? Especially when you don't have the means to do lots of crazy things because money isn't growing on trees. I am not in love with my blog name. I feel like it isn't me. It doesn't totally reflect me.

I feel like if you don't have a home or kids or going on plenty of trips, then you (and I mean me, obviously) are boring. I am not here to please everyone, or anyone for that matter. This space is mine. But I do enjoy the connections I have made. It is always nice to know people read your blog and can relate to you, give advice, ideas, support. I love it! But I am still lost...

How do you find your niche? Your space in this huge Internet world. How do you not compare your life to others. Not get jealous of all the fun things other women are doing? I don't need to have a theme, I just want to write and journal and keep memories and share my life and support with others. So why do I feel lost when doing so?

How do you figure out a blog name that suits you, 100%?!?

Why do I feel like I have to write Why do I feel like your life is better than mine?? Why do I feel like I need to be fun or exciting or 'popular' on this Internet space? Like isn't always like that. It is ok to have a calm life, right? But then with that calm life, what is there to write about or journal about or memory keep?

Where do you get your ideas?
How do you find your niche?
What makes you stand out?
How do you keep up with life and blogging regularly?

How do you engage readers?


Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

I feel the same. And then I find myself creating a post that is just so blah to me because I need to find something to post. I did not start my blog for followers and I don't write for other people. But then I find myself doing just that. If you find any answers please share.

Caitlin said...

Totally feel you on this topic. I'm not a mom, wife, or anything fun and "exciting." I don't even like my blog name, but I can't think of anything that I like to suit me. I still love reading your blog, no matter how boring you think it is :)

Ashley said...

It can totally be overwhelming at times. I still compare my blog at times to others even if I know I shouldn't. I just try and write about what I know and love and go from there. Your blog is great, keep up the good work and just write about the things you love.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I feel ya, girl!

I definitely compare my life to other bloggers, which drives me crazy! I really only blog about what Rich and I are doing. If I ever move from that, my content is inspired by news articles or youtube videos (ha).

The name of my blog was something that I actually heard on the radio and it always stuck with me! And I have this thing where I look at your mouth when you are talking..haha so it seemed fitting. And I also am a strong believer in mind over matter - if you smile, it will make you happy etc. I have always had this blog title, no changes. I think that going with your gut and what first comes to you is the best way to find a great name for your space on the internet!

I love reading your blog! And I totally get the rut! I took some time off when Rich and I moved in together and I feel that every since, blogging as sort of become a chore. I don't feel like people are engaging etc, but then I remember (what you mentioned in your post) that this place is for me and for my family and if others want to read it - good for them!