Tuesday, January 21, 2014


400 more hours!

I am literally counting the hours until I am finished with Ultrasound Tech school. I have about 11 weeks left of my externship and I couldn't be more ready to just get this shit done! I feel like 6 months is just way to fuckin' long to go 40 hours a week, no pay, along with my 'real' job which ends up being about 37 hours a week. So that's about an 80 hours work week, with only 37 of it being paid.

I am just plain exhausted! And that is probably an understatement.

I have seen my fair share of gross, nasty, weird people....but I have learned a lot. A lot about all aspects of the medical field, both good and bad and still things that will never make sense to me. But I guess that is how our country is run. I have come to like this field, more than I did when I first started the program, but I still wouldn't say I love it. I enjoy it. It's fun at times, but will pay the bills, plus some. But we will see where this takes me.

But I see the end. Finally!!

Cheers to 10 more weeks!

And now I have to brag about my husband for a minute. He is in school as well. He has made the deans list every semester. Every semester!!! Shit, I never did that well. I only made the deans list twice. Ever!
I am so proud of him. 5 more months and he will have his B.S. in Business #proudwifemoment