Friday, January 17, 2014

Hijacked {by the seestor}

Hey ladies!
It’s me again, Aarika! (need I go through the whole favorite sister thing again?;)) I hijacked Lindsay's blog today. I’m here to write to y’all about Lindsay. I think she could use a little inspiration and cheering up, so why not post my love for her publicly?!
Lindsay is one uber cool human being. She hasn’t always been like that though. I remember when I was little she would act like my mother, not my older sister. She always ratted on me (butthead). It’s not like I was doing anything bad, just simply making Aladdin and Barbie have sex. (I never got a Ken Barbie, so Aladdin was the P.I.M.P in my doll house) I’m sure all of us girls are guilty of that, right?
Anyways, we’ve built such a strong relationship in these past years even though the states have separated us. Linz is always someone I can count on to listen to me bitch and complain about what Mom did (sorry mom, it’s just sometimes…), or about my boy problems, or about how fat I feel for eating that entire cheesecake at 2 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep. She’s just there, and I know she always will be. She’ll always be there to make me laugh, and I can’t help but love her for that. With all the business and craziness, and unfortunately sometimes sadness, that happens in life it’s so nice knowing that I have someone that will always have a smile on her face. Who will be there to fill up your glass with wine, and on some occasions even tequila.
I want you to know Linzoid. Linny. Linerooski. Big Tits, Alexis bitch face, that I admire the person you are becoming. You’re dedicated, you’re a hard worker, you have built a marriage with a hunk, and you’re passionate. You may not know what you’re passionate for, but I know you’ll find it one day. You have so much potential and so much inspiration in you that I just want to see you explode in it! I want you to devour every part of your life, and pay attention in every moment of it so you can see what inspires you, see what makes you feel like you want to create something beautiful, and don’t let fear stop you. I want you to know how it feels to look fear in the face and say “I just don’t care”. Please don’t hold yourself back for fear of acceptance, it will destroy you. Just know that you have always been enough for me, for our family. And you always will be. I know that you know (that I know that you know that I know) how just so good enough you actually are. You have drive and you have passion. Let them guide you and find what you’re good at. Hell, you don’t even have to be good at it. I just ask that you do whatever makes you happy and you don’t let the fear of failing or the fear of being rejected by people stop you.
Well fellow Tits Mcgee readers, if you have anything inspiring to say please send it to Lindsay. I know she loves reading what you all have to say, and hey it’s a new year! Lets share our successes and our passions and spread feelings of yumminesss!

Love you seestor!
-lil’ tits


Holly said...

Lindsay, you are AMAZING!! Of course, you're gorgeous, take care of your body inside and out, and have a fabulous husband...but you are one of the SWEETEST people I know in blog/Instagram land!! I always enjoy seeing and reading about what you're up to. Please know that some of us who don't even know you look up to you very much!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

This is such a sweet post!!! I love the relationship that you have with your sister, it is definitely one to admire!! What a beautiful relationship you have and those words are so heartfelt!

Eric's Mommy said...

You are awesome Lindsay, and an inspiration!!!!! <3 Love you!!