Monday, January 27, 2014

Paddleboarding & Date Night

Saturday could not have been a more gorgeous January day. While everyone else is in this country is freezing their asses butts off....we are over here in bikinis and flip flops. We headed to Balboa Island for a picnic on the beach and paddle boarding.
Now that we are pros know what we're doing, we decided to board around both islands...the small and big island. Once we got to where the ferry crosses and a ton more boat traffic, we {or maybe just I} got a little nervous because of the waves. We braved through it and didn't fall. Thank God, because the water was freezing!!! Not to mention embarrassing.
It was a perfect day! And seriously it is such a great outdoor, fun workout. A full body workout at that. Legs bent the entire time, core tight {well it should be at least}, back/arms/shoulders. Yup, full body!
If you haven't tried it. Do!! It's a super fun activity. And if you ever want a partner, call me up! I'll be there ;)
Then Sunday came and the sun and warmth was gone. I went from shorts and bikini to Uggs!! What the heck?!?! But yay for finally getting to wear my Uggs other than in the house :)
Sunday evening we used a gift card to Ruth's Chris. We dressed up. I did my hair, I wore heels. Something that of course had to be documented, when normally I am in tennis and scrubs 5 days a week.
Lucky for us it was DineL.A. week, meaning there is a set menu {cheaper than everything else} but still a 5 course meal. We both got steak and lobster tail. De-lic-ious!!
When we arrived, Tony went to the restroom and the waiter asked me if we were celebrating, I said no nothing, just enjoying a nice dinner. Then I thought oh wait....Tony's birthday is in a yes we are celebrating. So later he surprised Tony with a devilish chocolate cake and ice cream.
We decided not to get any alcohol at the restaurant, so we came home and enjoyed a couple glasses of wine to end the night. I seriously love spending my life with Tony. I treasure our moments alone together.

Happy Monday!

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