Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo An Hour {Link Up}

Now, don't get too exciting about my pictures. It may, just may, make you completely and utterly jealous of my super fun boring life of an 80 hour work week....
And now that I'm thinking about it, I should have put a reminder on my phone to do this little challenge on pictures probably would have turned out a tad more exciting.
Since I didn't, here goes my boring Monday through Friday life.
1.wake up and immediately get coffee
2. the pretty little sun shining so bright and early on my drive to work.
3. my weekly wardrobe....scrubs, scrubs and more scrubs.
4. what fun would a photo a hour be without a Starbucks...not fun! so of course I stopped to pick one up.
5. the gorgeous blue skies shining all gorgeous and beautiful. failed to mention...i see this for 5 min total all day long. the glamorous life of an office job and externship at a hospital.
6. my view from 1p-10p. with a few ER/ICU visits, but I didn't want to get in trouble, so I didn't take a pic.
7. a much needed and delicious snack break while we wait for more patients.
8. i'm home!!!! so ready to lay down and fall asleep instantly.

not pictured: my sad little office job from 6a-12:45p. I completely got side tracked and didn't take a picture. My alarm went off but each time I was super busy...oh well. Y'all know what an office full of files looks like ;)

Excited to see everyone's link up...just hoping it is a little more exciting than mine ;)
Now go link up with Stephanie and join in on the fun!!

Happy Friday Eve!!!


Chaos and Coffee said...

Shoot I am exhausted just looking at your photos. Sounds like you are a busy, busy gal!

Meg O. said...

Hey, any day with Starbucks in it is exciting to me! HAHA. Definitely a busy day!! Thanks for linking up with us!