Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Recipe {Salad Dressing}

Every girl loves salad. Right? But you don't want to eat it drenched in creamy ranch or blue cheese dressing. Because let's face it, that makes it totally and utterly unhealthy. And usually, yes usually because unless you are eating the Queensland Outback Salad smothered in their delicious ranch dressing, you eat salad because it is fresh and healthy. Well I have the perfect dressing recipe for you.

Ingredients {I mix everything in an 8 oz. glass}
Olive Oil {2 tbsp}
Balsamic Vinegar {2 tbsp}
Pepper- a couple shakes
Truvia/Stevia {1tsp}
Dijon mustard {2 tbsp}
Good Seasons Italian dressing {2 tsp}
Dill {1tsp}
A splash or two of water
With all that being said and how much of what to put in, it is all pretty much to taste. Sometimes I put more Dijon or Truvia or Italian seasoning. Just depends how it is all mixing together. I know that sucks as I am telling you the recipe....but it is one of those recipes that you just gotta taste as you mix. Once you get the ingredients all together, play around. Make it to your liking :)
I normally hate mustard, like I won't eat things if mustard touched it, but I promise you can't taste it in this, or at least I can't.

You'll love it!

Now it doesn't make a whole lot, but you can always triple or even quadruple the recipe. I haven't tried that yet because I literally just learned how to make this not too long ago. Seeing as Tony and I both love it, I sure this will now be a staple in our fridge. And the best part is, it gets Tony eating salads. Booyah!!

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

{ps...I seriously gotta work on my food photography, these photos all just look like shit!}