Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Workout Gear

There is always something so fun about getting new workout gear.
Honestly, I am usually more excited about this, than normal clothes.
Maybe because I am so darn picky when it comes to trying on jeans and tops. I am too worried about being able to pull a different style off and going out of my comfort zone.

Whereas, with workout clothes, heck anything and every lululemon gives great and gives such a nice shape. Seriously....it totally shows off the curves to a woman's body, at least the wunder unders do.
But I didn't get those for Christmas, so that's besides the point.

A bright colored stripped racerback for the win!! Love the material and cut. Along with an ear warmer that comes in handy in our freezing cold apartment. Seriously, this thing is amazing!!! And it's black lace, which makes it extra cute! Obviously.

I also got two tops from Victoria Secret.
a super cute bright purple long sleeve & a mint green stripped tank
I have never bought their work out clothes before. I think I'm in love. And speaking of being in love, I have a $60 gift card from my birthday that will be spent mostly on workout clothes. Because let's be honest...lingerie is just not as fun. Sorry babe!


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Cute clothes! I actually got a pair of yoga pants - not sure the name - from lulu for Christmas and my mom gave me a cute sweater from there too! I haven't worn the pants yet...I feel like they are too nice to get all dirty! Ha! Sometime this week I will wear them!

Also - I feel like ALL I got for Christmas was workout clothes...What are people trying to tell me?! hahaha! jk

Michelle said...

Love them! Especially the racer back. I've been buying more workout clothes than regular lately as well :) If I'm gonna work out, I'm gonna look good!