Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello February!

Hello February!!!

Cannot believe how fast January ended and we are now in the second month of the year.
Can time please please please slow down...just a little. That's all I ask...
I feel like it was just Christmas, and now we will be celebrating Valentine's day?!?!?!

This weekend was pretty chill.
Saturday we celebrated Erich's birthday with laughter, tears, and drinks.
Sunday we made pancakes, did laundry, chores and streamed the most boring Super Bowl in the history of Super Bowls. But at least we had good food and drinks: Trader Joe's Chicken Parm bites and Pizza. 
February seems to be filling up quickly in the short 28 days it offers.
Let's see what we have going on...

*February 1st- my brother's birthday. We celebrated his life with laughter and drinks...obvi!!!
*February 10th/11th- mom comes to town!!!!
*February 14th- Valentines day, we have never celebrated this more than a card or a bouquet of flowers.
*February 15th- 6 years ago I met Tony. Hooters. More of that remembrance to come ;)
*February 21st- Tony's 28th Birthday Bash Celebration!!!
*February 23rd- Tony gets part of his sleeve.

I am sure there is plenty more that I missed. With work and school and life and babymaking...there is lots more to be done this month. But let's take it one day at a time.

Happy Monday!

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