Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HIIT {at home}

HIIT {high intensity interval training} is where it's at! Seriously, if you don't do it, start!!
I have noticed a huge, and I mean huge, difference in the way my body looks since I have been consistently with HIIT. Honestly, I hate running. I think it is the worst. It's just not for me. After 2 miles and I so beyond over it. Which lead me to be more consistent with HIIT. I mix it up every day. I make up my own routines, I get ideas from other people and the internet. I seriously enjoy this kind of workout. I sweat like a pig. I am so out of breathe by the time I am done. I look like a hot mess. But I love it!

I workout first thing in the morning, usually with nothing but a cup of black coffee in my tummy. Some may think that is bad or unhealthy...but it works for me and my schedule.
After cardio, I do weights. I lift heavier weight most days or I do about 15 reps of 4-5 sets depending on the muscle group that day.

Anyways...here is one of my new favorite {no equipment required} routines. Do it and let me how you like it. If you're interested, I can totally post more routines, tips, etc. Just let me know :)
Now go sweat it out!

ps...go download the free interval timer app on your phone!

I use the bosu for that extra oomph and challenge.


Michelle said...

Great workout! I've been hitting the dreadmill, but on the in between days I've been doing something similar, but with five minutes of treadmill between circuits. I think working out on only black coffee is OK - most people say it's best to work out on an empty stomach because it burns the fat! Great job getting up in the morning for workouts.

Because Shanna Said So said...

I am the same way....I HATE running and would rather do high intensity workouts with fun music and get it over with! Thanks for sharing!!