Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm The Kinda Girl

It's Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday! Which means it is almost the weekend, and I can somewhat relax. Seriously, and yes I say seriously way too much, I crave the weekends. It is my only 'down' time. My time to not stress, or at least try not to.

All of us had tidbits of info we share, and tidbits we don't. Sometimes I forget what I have already shared and end up sharing again.... or realize after the fact, that maybe I shouldn't have shared that with the entire world. But whatevs....

I'm the kind of girl who....
....laughs at her own jokes. And by laughing at my own jokes, I mean I am totally laughing while say the joke, and sometimes laughing so hard I cannot even finish the joke. And obviously by joke I don't mean like knock knock who's there...I mean like I am just that hilarious, that I joke with peeps.

....would rather have my calories from an alcoholic beverage {or two or three} than a pizza or hamburger. Clearly I have my priorities in tact and am promoting a healthy lifestyle by this statement.

....believes birthdays are the most important day of the year. It is that person's one day to shine, let them shine!! Speaking of, Tony's birthday is tomorrow! The big 2-8 {i think....}

....has way more tank tops and flips flops than 'dress up' clothes. Living in Southern California makes you a more casual person, in my opinion. I didn't wear heels or fancy dresses too often. I am beachy Southern California girl. Tanks, sandals, shorts. That is me 100%.

....who loves to lay in the sun. All day, everyday. If there is sand or a beach chair, I am all over it. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more relaxing than the feeling of the sun on my skin.

....has very few friends. My best friend is my sister. I have a couple girl friends I have known since 7th grade, a few others as well. But honestly the number of girls I can count on and confide in 100% is probably less than 5. competitive. If you are doing something difficult, I have to try to beat you. If you are winning, I get anxious and do my best to excel above you. Not in a bitchy kind of way, just in a way that I challenge myself. Yea, that sounds right.... I especially love when I beat Tony! ;)

....loves the Oldies station. I will blast the radio, sing at the top of my lungs, and dance in the car. It is by far my favorite station. Tony says Oldies is my jam!

....has a huge heart for children. I light up when babies/kids are around. They seriously make this world a better happier place.

....spends way too much money at Starbucks!! Like way too much. Please help me find a mom and pop coffee shop. I would so much rather give them all my business.

....has been told by her mother that I say, what the fuck, way too often. And that she has contemplated getting that as my license plate. I never said I was a lady.... Because apparently ladies don't use the word fuck.

....can eat like a dude. Pizza, steak/potatoes, Mexican food, Italian food. Seriously, I love food!!!

....wants to be girlie. Wants to know how to dress stylish and put on makeup and make my hair cute. But it is so much work. Ok maybe not, I am probably just that lame.

Now I am going to go finish my 2nd cup of coffee and enjoy my cereal. Have a fabulous day!!

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