Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Endometriosis Awareness

March 3rd through 9th is Endometriosis Awareness Week

Growing up I always had terrible periods. Like horrible back pain, horrible cramps, but to me it was just my 'normal' period. Fast forward to January 2012, I had surgery to remove a cyst on my right ovary, and while in there the doctor found endometriosis. Lots of it. Stage 3, to be exact. Yea...so needless to say, I he couldn't save my ovary, but he burned off all the endo. And by all, I mean it was all over my abdominal wall, my bowel, my stomach lining, this shit was everywhere. I had no idea. I never even considered the thought of endo because I never had too many issues, other than painful periods.

The doctor informed me the endo would return, it won't go away...and there is no telling how quickly it'll return. Only way to find out is to go in again for laproscopy...

He also kindly informed me that endo makes it much more difficult to get pregnant. So with 1 ovary and endo, our likelihood of getting pregnany naturally is much lower. Body issues: 2 Lindsay :0

With all that being said, many people don't know what endometriosis is, or how it affects females, or how it affects us having babies. Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium grows on other organs outside of the uterus. Most often in the pelvis region, but like I said...mine was everywhere.

This is a rock I stumbled upon, and I am grateful I was made aware of it. But it is also something that has set us back, it has made it much more difficult for us to start a family. It is one of the reasons I have been deemed inferile. So I feel like I should bring awareness about this crappy condition.

You may have it and have no clue you do, you may not have it or may not know a soul who does. But I feel like all ladies should be made aware of how it affects our reproductive system, how it causes so many women to be infertile. It causes pain, discomfort, sadness, anger, and so many other emotions.


We need to fight through it.
We need to be strong.
We need to not let it affect how we live.
We need to not let it keep us from being parents.

Like Elena says, let's kick some infertility ass!!


Rebecca Maier said...

Every time you pop into my mind I pray for your dreams to come true!

Elena Ridley said...

Thanks for sharing!! And thank you for the shout out, we will kick endo and infertilitys ass!! Xoxo.

Sharon said...

You go girl and you will one day be pregnant!