Friday, March 7, 2014

Five On Friday

Really it's March 7th?!?!? How in the world are we one week said and done in March??? Seriously, where in the world does time go??? We are about to hit Spring, or at least in California we are ;) And I couldn't be more thrilled.
More beach days. More weekends enjoying the gorgeous blue skies and sun. But best of all, this is the month I am completely done with school. Forever!! Well...maybe not forever, I do see a Master's in my future. But for now, done. 100%! Two weeks...10 weekdays...80 hours. Heck yes!!!

one} Like I said, Spring is almost here and what perfect way to celebrate it, with nothing other than this delicious cocktail.

two} Every female in America receives the swimsuit edition of Victoria Secret, actually I'm sure every male does too. I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say, a majority of those bathing suits are not appropriate. A majority of them are probably never purchase. Because let's face it...none of us look like those ladies, and even if we did, what terrible tan lines we would get. And those said tan lines would be impossible to get rid of. With that being said, do yourself a favor and go read this post. She hit it spot on, totally hilarious!!

three} Girl Scout Cookies will have the death of me...or my waist band should I say. I cannot stop eating them! I have them in the freezer hoping I won't see them, therefore won't eat too many. But...every damn day at the hospital they are in the lounge, therefore they must be eaten, yes? NO!!! Someone help me. The chocolatey coconutty goodness AND the mint chocolatey deliciousness is so tempting. It's like crack. Or something. Not that I know what crack is...duh...but I feel like it's the same.

four} Have I ever mentioned we have an obsession with Ray-Bans?!? Seriously, it seems to be the only sunnies we ever look at. And what's best is 3 of the these 5 are unisex. Which totally justifies that it is completely ok to spend the money if we can both wear them :)

five} Tony is taking me on a date this weekend. One where we aren't sitting at home eating pizza and beer. One where we aren't in workout clothes {which happens often on the weekends}. One where we aren't sitting at a coffee shop. He is making me dress up, ok well not like fancy schmacy but like hair done, makeup done, try to look hot for the husband kind of date. Well during the day, we are thinking about heading to Laguna Beach to walk around, grab some food and drinks, and soak up some much needed sun. On this said evening date I am super excited because we are going to see that 300 movie. So I think, I should get to choose dinner and not have to be the DD, just simply because I am sitting through said movie. Anyways, I am just super excited to get out of the house on what's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend and hangout with my man, that I never see or talk to during the week. Yay for date night! :)

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happy weekend loves!


Elena Ridley said...

That cocktail looks amazing!! And GS cookies? Ugh Ive eaten so many thin mints and lemonades I don't know if I can eat anymore!! Lol, who am I kidding of course I can! Happy weekend!.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

We just didn't buy them this year. They were in the office once (thank God) and I ate too many and had a stomach ache...I guess that that has to be my excuse to not eat them! And your date sounds totally AMAZING!!

What do you plan to do when you are done with school - since it's so soon!!