Friday, March 28, 2014


I cannot believe this is already the last week of March. Seriously, where does the time go?? I honestly think the older I get, the quicker time passes. But we know it, it'll be Christmas again....

Not much went on in these parts this week. It was pretty much a week of getting back into the routine of normal life again, figure out working, eating habits, working out, etc...

one} I applied for my first ultrasound job yesterday at the hospital I did my externship at. I really don't think I will get it because I don't have my ARDMS certification yet, but it's worth a shot. Never too early to try, right?!? I would be ecstatic if they even considered me, friend that works there said apply to get my name out there, but don't count on getting a call :/

two} my first week off school and I can say I have not cooked a fabulous dinner for us, like I had planned. I didn't even meal plan this week. It was a throw whatever food together kind of week. I told Tony I was giving myself a one week pass. Can we make it two?!?! ;) just kidding. I cannot wait to have some yummy meals on a regular basis, like we did prior to the last six months. Any fabulous recipes are welcome ;) When I do actually cook, I'm adding this delicious looking recipe to my schedule...shrimp tacos.
three} Ever hear of a reverse burpee?!?! Well the fabulous ladies at PopSugar have just introduced me to it.
I tried it this morning and well yea... all I have to say is go check it out and then add it to your workout routine, it's a sneaky killer ;)

four} I am in a wedding come May and next weekend we are throwing the bride an evening bridal shower consisting of coffee, desserts, a few appetizers and a signature drink. Guess who is in charge of the drink?? Me! Me! Obviously... Everyone must think I am a major alcoholic, I swear I'm not. I just enjoy a drink or two on the reg. Tony I am coming up with a concoction, and well I have to recreate it for 45 people next Saturday. A little bit nervous. But I figure, if all else fails, just add more alcohol.
Question for all you ladies, with it being 45 peeps, any suggestions on what I can serve this in? A punch bowl? Or a margarita pitcher? Need advice.

five} Speaking of alcohol, have you tried 805 beer?!?! It is brewed on the Central Coast of California. It's a Blonde Ale, and well you should try it. We really kinda like it.

six} and just for the heck of it, I did six random things.... I really hate my desk top computer. I really hate my laptop. This thing is seriously worst. I have no clue what setting it's on, but it write overs things, the cursor moves and I end up writing in a completely different paragraph, the keys do't work. I hate it!! If  I only had extra money sitting around, I would pickup a Macbook Air. Graduation present?!?! ;) 
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Amanda {Kids and Cabernet} said...

Those shrimp tacos look amazing!!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

For the cocktails, go to Ross or TJ Maxx and get a big drink container with a spout - like this:

And just add the drink, no ice and have ice on the side! That way the drink wont get diluted and you can fit more booze in the container! And getting it at ross or some store like that shouldn't cost more than like $30! OH! and they are super cute! :-)