Monday, March 10, 2014


This weekend's weather could not have been more perfect.
It was in the 80's.
Blue skies.
A slight breeze.
Just perfect.

On Saturday we hung out in Laguna Beach during the day. Like I said, it was a perfect day. I got a great recommendation from Kate {thanks girlfriend!} for a pub.

Tony got the Hennessey's Breakfast Sandwich. It was get in my belly fast, kind of good!!! Two eggs on a pretzel roll with cheddar cheese and bacon. Holy yum!!!! We each got a beer and a shot of Irish Whiskey, because duh when in Ireland....or an Irish Pub...

After we stuffed our faces with food and loaded up on some alcohol, we walked around the town and along the coast. There is not much more perfect of a view, is there? ;) The beach is my happy place, in case you didn't already know.

{outfit from Cotton On}

Later on, being the best wife ever, I sat through the 2 hour movie of 300 Rise of an Empire. Two hours!!! Brownie points for me!! Yes??

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


Elena Ridley said...

Wow gorgeous pictures!!

Kate said...

You are so very welcome! Glad you liked it :) And girl, that last picture of you two needs to be framed!!

Katie said...

beautiful beautiful pics! so jealous you can just DRIVE to these gorgeous locations...loved every minute of being in laguna beach. so cool. so fun. you guys look great!! :)

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