Monday, March 17, 2014

Whiskey & Guinness

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! 
I hope you are wearing your green and drinking lots. 
I will not be able to drink and enjoy the festivities today, so I did my fair share of drinking over the weekend.
Has anyone heard of Feckin'?!?! No, us either. But being the mature 30 year old that I am, the name is hilarious, and I could only image after a few too many glasses, it would sound an awful lot like another word....Yes, that is exactly why I bought it.  So Saturday evening we relaxed at home with some movies, guinness and a small glass or two of Feckin'
It isn't even officially Spring yet, and the weather this weekend was gorgeous. Seriously, we need to be homeowners asap, so we can enjoy BBQs and drinks on the back porch. Not to mention being able to work on the summer glow. But...being that we are not homeowners, we have to settle for lounging outside Coffee Bean...

Sunday I couldn't let the festivities diminish... I mean hello, this Irish girl has got to keep the drinking alive. Because Lord knows, the sisters and the pops are quite lame when it comes to alcohol. I obviously like to take pride in the fact that I drink better than them ;) So...with all the being said, we had another Guinness and some Tullamore Dew. Like I said, we like to drink. 


Oh and I can't forget to mention this is my last week of externship. I will finally be done with school!!! Minus the big licensure test I gotta take {probably in a month or so} but school, yea it's done!!! Peace out!!


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

The Buena Vista uses Tullamore Dew in their Irish Coffees!! Yum!! Looks like you had a super weekend! And congrats on being almost done with your externship!

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