Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wine Talk

If you were to come over for girl time, I would offer you a glass of wine. Not coffee. Wine allows for more fun conversation, and well, everyone likes wine.

I would tell you....

I need to get out of my current job. I have been here way too long. I need to get this license test out of the darn way, and move forward with my career. I finished Ultrasound Tech let's get movin' and find that tech job!

My arms are so sore from Monday's workout! Seriously...holy moly!! I increased in weight. I mixed up my normal sets. I stepped it up a couple notches. And I am totally paying for it. But I love it! Being sore from a workout is one of the best feelings, isn't it?

Tony doesn't really care for his job. It is just a job, nothing great. He is just in it, so to speak, because of where we live and waiting for me to take my test and get hired hopefully in another city. The people he works with are rude! Just plain rude! They don't include him on anything. They never invite him to eat lunch with them. They are always whispering and are behind closed doors. I never thought people could be so blatantly rude, but they are! And it truly pisses me off!!

I love being home in the evenings and eating dinner at the table with Tony. I cook. We talk. He cleans. I love it! I missed it for 6 months, and I am so grateful to have it back.

I want to buy a home. I see so many people purchasing homes and it is totally giving me the itch. Financially we are ready, we just gotta get in the right city. Well find the right city. Figure out where we want to settle down for at least 5 years and grow a family. I want to share zero walls with neighbors. I want to decorate. I want to have a patio to BBQ on and drink a glass of wine with Tony. I have the major itch and need to get on it, like yesterday!

Tony told me he hopes we have twins because it will mean I just go through the disaster once. I asked what disaster. He says you know, the blood and guts of delivery. Men....

I miss my sister like crazy! I have no idea yet when I will be heading to Texas and it makes me all kinds of sad....

I have had a drink every single night for the past week...some nights a few. Oh well, gotta enjoy and relax in the evenings, right?!? ;)

Some people have mentioned I should take a hit or eat a cookie or something to that effect because it will calm me down and relax my entire body. Which will in turn lead to a baby. So they say. This will be the solution to this entire problem,  they have informed me, and they will help me get it no problem. Ummm, not too sure about this one.

I need a vacation stat! Like a real vacation with no responsibilities. No agenda. Preferably to San Diego. I need a gorgeous beach, warm sand, and endless amounts of adult beverages.

Maybe that is my problem with not getting pregnant...I have a drink every night, or every other night. Is that bad? I have been told it is fine as long as I don't get drunk, which I totally do not. One drink or a glass of wine in the comfort of my own home never killed no one. Thoughts? I have also been told too much exercise could cause problems as well. How?!? I see super fitness crazies getting pregnant. And trust me, I do not over do it when working out. I just workout often. But I also drink often. And these people telling me this are not my doctors... Thoughts?? Opinions??

How I am loving this gorgeous weather we have been having. Days like these are why I love Southern California. Why I would never want to move away??? Warm sun shining makes for a happy girl!

Thanks for the chat!


Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

I love wine talk. My husband also wants twins because then we are "1 and done" and don't have to deal with fertility ish every again. A girl can dream right? Cheers friend to the almost freaking weekend.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Wine talk is the best!

Nikki said...

Lindsay, I've been reading your blog for sometime now and really enjoy it!! Today's post spoke to me and I wanted to say hi. Thank you for being real and opening up about your real life. I think so many times, blogs can turn into only the good of someone's life,and make everything look perfect. To a reader, sometimes that can become frustrating. I appreciate you sharing the not so good (or frustrations). We all experience struggles, as well as good times, it is so refeshing to read your blog and say, oh it's not just me or my family going thorugh these things. I just want to say thank you for opening up and sharing the good and the not so good. Thank you! Nikki